Month: December 2017

Typology training

Curriculum training in the design of clothing : The teaching of typology and technical and applied knowledge in dress design courses has a special place. Clustering of fabrics and fibers and its recognition leads to design quality and yields the result as desired. In the typology course, students are familiar with all kinds of textiles […]

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Biography of Alexander McQueen Fashion Designer

Biography of Alexander McQueen – Fashion Designer: Alexander McQueen was an outstanding British fashion designer. Before he launched the Alexander McQueen brand, he has long been a senior designer of reputable companies like Louisville and Zhivashishi . Synopsis of Alexander McQueen Biography : Alexander McQueen was born on March 17, 1969 in Leisham, London. He […]

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لباس مهمانی

Design a party dress

Designer dresses Simply put, the costume is a dress used in parties and ceremonies. Fashion designer fashion design and stylish principles are directly related. This is a special feature that distinguishes the dress from other clothes. The dress is a special form of women’s clothing that enhances female women’s emotions and increases their self-esteem. In […]

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What is the secret of the brand success of Versace?

Versace brand history : What brand of Versace was founded in the year and what is the secret of its success? The Versace brand is one of the most proud Italian brands that is also known as Versace. The Versace brand was founded in 1987 by Gianni Versace. During his lifetime, Gianni Versace has taken […]

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Sizing and completing the pattern

Continue training on dress patterning

Primary patterning At this point, we want to prepare the pattern of the original dress. Use the pattern paper and place each individual piece of clothing on a pattern paper. The best template paper is for patterning on ready-made transparent paper designs, but it’s better to use matte patterns for our dress patterns. Draw around […]

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What is the dress pattern?

An easy method of dress patterns for a beginner : Sewing and producing clothes are the result of the designer’s and tailor’s efforts, and there are many factors involved in this.     One of the most important factors in the production of clothing is the pattern for cutting. This becomes more important when it […]

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design and sewing

Introduction to Design and Sewing

Introduction to Design and Sewing After completing the first high school, you are likely to pick up the course in a variety of ways, and given the variety of new disciplines, you need to save this confusion! And to do this, you need to become more familiar with your own interests, as well as the […]

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